• Strengthening internal quality assurance

    Quality is everyone's responsibility

    and we never have to stop getting better
  • Secretary HED Arshad Khan welcoming

    Minister HED Meena Khan Afridi

    in Higher Education Department
  • Honorable Minister Higher education

    Chairing senior management meeting of HED

  • Special Assistant to CM on Higher Education Mr. Kamran Bangash

    Visit to Higher Education Commission (HEC)

    July, 8,2021

Quality is not an act; it is a habit and a trait that we Appreciate

Welcome to Quality Assurance Cell website

Quality assurance in higher education refers to the management procedures adopted by an institution whereby it can guarantee with confidence and surety, that the standards and quality of its educational provision are being maintained and enhanced. The purpose is twofold i.e. to bring accountability and improvement in the system through an internal & external academic auditing process. Quality enhancement on the other hand denotes the continuous process of bringing positive changes in teaching and learning in order to provide for improvement in the quality of institutional provisions.

At the provincial level, Govt. of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has since long been making efforts for horizontal and vertical expansion of educational facilities in the Province with all available resources but not much attention has been paid to the quality of education and governance systems. In view of persistent public perception about low quality of higher education provided in public sector institutions, the Higher Education Department decided to establish an independent Quality Assurance Cell in HED ... Readmore

Feedback Evaluation

Enabling the students and teachers to give feedbacks about the quality aspects.

Self Assessment

Self Assessment for individual academic program

Governance of Institute

Support and empowerment for institutes in the form of guidelines and trainings

Minuimum Quality Standard of Colleges

Insurances the quality checks and standards

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  • Phone: 091-9223087
  • Email: qached.kp@gmail.com

Towards quality in education

Our Ultimate AIM

Strengthening the existing setup of Quality Enhancement Cells (QEC) in universities and government colleges of KP, including the newly merged districts and non-BS colleges. The aim is to link universities with their respective affiliated colleges through interactive bilateral coordination between the two types of institutions for real time coordination and resolving day to day issues on academic matters...

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Message from Minister Higher Education

The world sees marvelous feats of achievements every day in almost every race of life. These achievements remain only short lived because they are soon forgotten as they lose their glory due to lack of maintenance and quality control. Quality assurance control around the world is highly valued as it works as the bridge between any country and its push in evolution, for which the R&D in the institutes of Higher Education play as the primary engines.

Higher Education in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa will be no exception if Quality Assurance Cell forfeits its immensely important and vital responsibilities of the same nature. I remain proud for leading a working entity in my assigned department that is unparalleled and second to none in importance. QAC has an arduous and a consistent job to perform every single day which requires a lot of will power and enormous managerial capabilities, both of which are evidently shining in QAC.

To the entire QAC team, I know your task is not an easy one, but I also know you’re up to the challenge. Wishing you the very best of luck.

Mr. Meena Khan, Minister Higher Education KP

Message From Secretary Higher Education

The 21st Century is marked with globalization, making knowledge also a shared and joint asset. Basic information, the present base of knowledge and advance research work is now available on the internet to all and sundry around the global village. One only needs to have possession of the basic Information technology and elementary knowledge of operating the same for getting benefit from the vast bank of knowledge available.

The Higher Education Department (HED) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is serving the nation and producing Scholars and Scientists for the Country. The theme of the Department is “Education for all” without distinguishing religion, cast, and states. The Higher Education Department (HED) not only producing curricular activities but also polishing the generation by extra-curricular activities.

Arshad Khan, Secretary Higher Education KP
Secretary HED

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